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Bali Botanica Day Spa - Where hands meet with the heart...
Ayurveda spa treatment

Ayurvedic Massage – Chakra Dara

Let the warm herbal oil drip to your chakra points to balance your energy flow and refresh the body, mind and spirit; followed by a slow and relaxing massage that will relieve any accumulated tensions.

Hand Spa Treatment

Pamper Yourself the Whole Day at bali botanica!

This package of various spa treatments could be a revitalizing treat for the senses after the pressures of daily routines. You will come back refreshed; ready to face a new day.

What People Say

  • “Perfect!! It's awesome! Thank you!!”
    — Dong, Korea.

  • “Very good massage and facial perfect manicure.”
    — Stephanie, USA.

  • “Everyone was very talented. Great experience. Thank you!”
    — Anne-Marie, U.S.

  • “I had an amazing treatment at botanica spa. Their hair cream bath is really special for you hair. So relaxing! The therapist really take care of every aspect Best of luck to botanica spa!”
    — Aiste, Lithuania.

  • “You are the best in Bali!”
    — Andi, USA.

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