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Due to the lack of spots available at our spa, please be informed that availability has to be checked first and an appointment has to be made in order to use a spa voucher. We recommend you to book early as our spa is often fully booked and it can be that your preferred date is no longer available.
Thank you for your understanding.

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    Traditional treatments
    Hibiscus Hair Shampoo (Rp150,000)Hair Cream Bath (Rp250,000)Thermal Clay Facial (Rp350,000)Ayurvedic Facial (Rp400,000)Gel Mask Facial (Rp350,000)Foot Spa (Rp250,000)Mandi Rempah – Herbal Bath (Rp400,000)Mandi Teh Hijau – Green Tea Bath (Rp400,000)Mandi Kopi – Coffee Bath (Rp400,000)Mandi Susu – Milk Bath (Rp400,000)Mandi Lulur – Floral Bath (Rp400,000)Exfoliation and Bath (Rp350,000)Balinese Massage (Rp300,000)Relaxing Massage (Rp375,000)
    Ayurvedic treatments
    Local Abhyanga – Upper Body Massage (Rp350,000)Janu Vasti – Knee Pain Relief (Rp500,000)Kati Vasti – Lower-back Pain Relief (Rp500,000)Abhyanga – Four-hand Massage (Rp750,000)Chakra Dhara – Full Body Massage & Oil Therapy (Rp800,000)Shirodhara – Upper Body Massage & Oil Therapy (Rp600,000)Thalapothichil – Crown Massage (Rp350,000)Pada Abhyanga – Ayurvedic Foot Massage (Rp280,000)Udvartanam – Powder Massage (Rp750,000)Avagaham – Massage + Herbal Bath (Rp750,000)Choorna Pinda Sweda – Herbal Poultice Massage (Rp750,000)Jambeera Pinda Sweda – Lemon Poultice Massage (Rp7500,000)Ayurvedic Facial (Rp400,000)
    Ayurvedic & Traditional Packages
    A Day at Botanica (Rp1.850,000)Pure Relaxing (Rp1.120,000)Romantic Escape for Two (Rp1.950,000)A Taste of Ayurveda (Rp1.025,000)
    3-day Ayurvedic Programs
    NIRUJA Muscle & Joint Healing (Rp6,900,000)AGNI Digestive Fire Restoration (Rp6,900,000)SHANTHI Sleep & Stress Relief (Rp6,900,000)SAMAKAYA Weight Care (Rp6,900,000)SRI Skin Rejuvenation (Rp6,900,000)

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